I livet, in the details

IMG_0948This day began, like most others, with the alarm clock signaling, sharp as a knifes edge. The signal broke through my Sleepy,  foggy mind and coaxed me slowly to the surface. A new beginning, a new day, new experiences.

I have a mantra every morning;

~ Today is a blank slate.

~ A new day with new opportunities

Sure, it may sound cliché, but it’s a good awakening … The words awaken a consciousness. An awareness of seeing the day with fresh eyes. Being aware of the details, nuances that give the day a content that enriches and adds.

… Sometimes I catch myself thinking and looking back at the events that has been and it does not always give a good aftertone… These moments of retrospectives, depriving me more than what they give … I do not think I’m alone in my way of thinking, analyzing the past. It is human. I usually, in those moments where I get stuck in sad thoughts, born from melancholy memories, think;

~ What has been, I am unable to change … just learn from it

~ It is what’s in front of me I have the ability to influence

We all have different mental tools to reverse a downward spiral of thoughts and actions … it is however important to practice to find them when needed, to find what works there and then.

My morning, my mantra, has slowly begun to generate a sense for details … This is where the secret lies as I see and feel it. The small brush strokes on the big canvas … A kind act, a positive note, a touch, a meeting. Many daily events, details that enrich oh so much, once they get the attention they deserve. 

Many wonderful details that form an everyday starry sky to enjoy, enjoy and get energy from.

” The most important things, those that shape our existence

are precisely the ones that never
show their faces”

Paulo Coelho



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