I livet, a step aside

IMG_1945The other day I gave myself a ”day off” where I stepped aside and… allowed myself to not be in the center of attention and action in my ongoing life, a time out. A time out where time for observation and reflection dominated . 

What happens when I let go of what I am constantly striving for? When I take in, see, the people and things that surrounds me and takes part in my every day life? The for granted taken? Time for reflection is, in my opinion, a quality assurance, a filter for what is worth keeping, value, and what is not.

It is easy, with today’s technology- and information society, to end up in a state of mind in which I am navigated by what others believe, other peoples goals, what others want to shape. All too easy to stop listening to my inner voice and instead be colored by someone elses.

 It is so easy to fall into a stereotype. To applicate information shaped by others- Not really attached to my life, my goals but still applied to my life, in my life. 

To allow a step aside, take a break, to see, admitting my immediate and close environment, reflect, just be, without stressing towards a set goal. Drop the ambition- That everything must lead to something specific. 

To open up and recieve impressions that may not always be recognised but that, when it is allowed, can make a big impact on my further thoughts and actions. A key ingredient for a continued meaningful life. 

”Sometimes, we are so attached to our way of Life that we turn down wonderful opportuneties simply because we do not know what to do with it” 

Paulo Coelho


3 reaktioner på ”I livet, a step aside

  1. Beautiful! Just this past weekend our local marriage and family pastor mentioned how hard it is for us to ”unplug” and rest. Your post make me think of all the wonderful things we gain when we spend time in reflection: inner peace, mental clarity and physical rest just to name a few. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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    1. Thank you Crystal! So true! Inner peace and clarity is also what gives us the ability to see and appreciate the things that surrounds us- Family, friends, people who cares and that we care for. Gives the chance to show appreciation while we can, not when it is too late, a wonderful feeling.
      I wish you a lovely day!



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