I livet, I wish and what if?…

  How many times have I thought, dreamt and voiced these sentences?… In happy times when I have wished that the moment could just freeze and remain for the rest of my days. What if it was possible? Oh, what luck would’nt that be! To feel content, stay there in that joyful moment!

In sad times… Where I, there and then, wish that I had done things different. Regrets. What if?… 

I look back and feel the moments physically and emotionally… but, what has been can not be altered or relived, only felt in mind and body as a remeberence of what has come and gone. What good will it possibly do to dwell upon things long gone? 

It is my belief most of the time that the past is best left to rest. To let mind and body be in the present, at ease and in peace. But… sometimes certain moments, experiences, memories will not let them selves be restrained by time. They cut loose from the control that I have developed close to perfection.

Off course there are memories that one treasures, but letting go of the past when the past doesn’t serve any purpose, more than making me feel miserable, sad or angry?…

I wish there was a switch to turn off the unwanted, only leaving the wanted, the desired. What if there was an invention making it possible? But wait, what if it suddenly broke and all the unwanted, accumulated, came rushing like a tidal wave? I unwish. 

I think that somewhere along life, destiny has a way of working things out… We develop, learn and strengthen from the unwanted, the hardships. The secret lies in our ability to learn from life, experiences, to bide our time, and to be there for eachother… In good times and in bad.

”Is it possible to avoid pain? Yes but you’ll never learn anything.

Is it possible to know something without ever having experienced it?

Yes, but it will never truly be part of  you”

Aleph, Paulo Coelho


2 reaktioner på ”I livet, I wish and what if?…

  1. Beautiful post, and lovely photograph! Oh, how I wish all the negative moments of the past could be unwished, but then I might not have matured and learned the lessons in life I should have. To have one’s cake and eat it too.

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    1. Thank you for your answere!
      True Crystal, certain moments are hard to comprehend when they occur. Their meaning might not be clear until several years have past, but they are keyingredients in our ongoing journey in life

      Wish you a lovely day!



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