I livet, choose your struggles wisely

I recently read a post by Mark Manson ”The most important question of your life”
He faces the questions of; What pain do you want in your life, what are you willing to struggle for? These questions are hard to face and endure but they determine how our lives turn out…

After I had read his post it started a process in my mind. We are so used to think in positive terms. But what pain do we want in our lives, to struggle for? For a lot of people it might be the pain of working out hard to get that perfectly toned body… To change eatinghabits to slim down for Beach 2016…
But, no. I have already gone through the struggles of physical wellness- And succeeded, I am proud to say.

I think everybody is struggeling towards having a job that fulfills and gives pleasure. The path is often hard, with many detours that eventually might led to a dead end and we settle for less… The risk is greater than staying put. The pain it might bring to persue that carreergoal- Money talks…

And the greatest pain and struggle of all; Love and happiness… I think that the questions are some what tabu when it comes to love and happiness. We want to think only happy loving thoughts because if we don´t it might bring negativity into our relationships, lives. But, no! My belief is that the struggle and the pain keeps it all true to the core. Making us face it all, the good and the bad. Giving us the ability to be present and able to tackle both the good and the more challenging moments. Giving us the power to influence every moment and minute of what is most important to us…

”Who you are is defined by the values you are willing to struggle for.
So choose your struggles wisely”

Mark Manson



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