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If I Could Turn Back Time… No, I would not.

A year has passed…And yet another year has begun… Strange how time seems to pass quicker for each year lived. The older I get the more it seems to speed up. Why is that?…

I have reflected over my everyday life and come to the conclusion that I’m not really enjoying the ”here and now”. A recognition that I think many can relate to. Time has somewhere along life become a transporting distance to that next big deal, event, happening… But when I finally reach that destination, I am not able to enjoy it because I am too busy planning that next step…

This year is going to be a year of recognition; to recognise the everydaylife that is my time ”here and now”. It is not a New Year’s Resolution, it is simply a way to raise my quality of life. To enjoy life. Embrace what everyday has to offer – Life here and now teaching me to trust the process.

Happy New Year

”Time is not money, I can always make more money, I can never make more time. Time is infinitely more valuable than money”

James Altucher



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